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Instagram ads vs. Facebook ads: Which are Better?

Marketers always try to find the perfect lead generation channel for their funnels. The constant search for new markets and new customers or clients inspires the marketers to explore new platforms and new ways to ...

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instagram story highlights

How to Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Stories are a chance for a face-to-face communication with your followers, however, users often are not happy that it only lasts for 24 hours. This challenged users to repurpose story content, and add it ...

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paid partnership instagram

Instagram’s New Feature: Paid Partnership

Back in June 2017, Instagram released their new paid partnership feature to a handful of influencers and businesses. Later on, it was released to more users in September, and in early October 2017, Instagram released ...

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instagram algorithm

The New Instagram Algorithm: Everything you need to know

Back on March 22nd, Instagram announced that they are making major changes to the Instagram algorithm. This change is made to accommodate the requests of the users. A few months ago, Instagram was testing the New ...

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great instagram feed

Best Apps to Make your Instagram Feed Great

Since the introduction of Instagram, it was designed as a platform that was intended for visual content. When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, they further developed the platform to host eye-catching, visual content like videos, ...

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instagram growth tips

5 Tips for Getting Huge Instagram Growth

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that is increasingly being used for effective marketing as well as networking purpose. Businesses, no matter what their scale and size, have come to realize ...

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boostfy instagram

Taking a Deep Look at Boostfy & Instagram

We worked on the statistics of our users with our development team and here are the some useful stats for you; Targeting Most targeted "hashtags" by Boostfy users: #travel   🌏(25,347 users) #portrait   👵(22,794 users) #nature   🌋(21,045 users) ...

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brands instagram stories

How Brands Should Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories changed the way how you interact with your followers on Instagram. The feature isn’t new but it gained traction very quickly. It is one of the most famous features on Instagram with over ...

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