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3 Best Instagram Automation Tools for Scheduling and Likes

Instagram growth is skyrocketing in the recent year, maybe longer. Facebook is investing a lot in building the perfect platform to share pictures, while it develops Facebook as a kind of a marketing channel, with their Facebook ads, and Facebook groups being closely developed. However, this Instagram growth, has urged the growth-hackers to find a solution for fast development of an Instagram Account for personal, business or marketing usage. The solution is automation, and utilization of Instagram automation tools. Because of this, Instagram has grown in a competitive platform for likes, followers and outreach. If you want to “hack” your way to real likes and followers on Instagram read-on!

The perfect combination of Instagram Automation Tools

To perfect the “growth-hacking” of your Instagram profile you need a combination of tools. The perfect combination is automatic Instagram likes, automatic Instagram posts, and an Instagram story tool.

It is important to understand that, for fast development of an account, you need outreach, audience and followers. You need real followers because they will engage with your content, and this will boost your outreach. As you are aware, Instagram reports the activity of the people you follow. When big accounts like your content, their followers will see your account in their feed, thus becoming interested in your content and eventually, they may become followers to your account too! This is where automation tool for an Instagram schedule comes into play. Great posts combined great scheduled posting is a win situation! In addition, to boost your “outreach” you need to like on other users’ accounts. This puts your account on the “Instagram map”, and here we will use an Instagram automation tools for likes.

Instagram stories are a fairly new strategy in the Instagram Growth Hacking Strategy. The idea behind it is that your regular post may not reach 100% of your followers, but your story will appear 100% in the story bar of your followers. By utilizing the story feature to “invite” your followers to check your latest post, to engage with your content and to send updates.

Having said the importance of automation tools, we will dive into a perfect combination of automatic Instagram like, Instagram scheduling tool and Instagram story.

Storyheap – is your Instagram automation tool for Instagram story management and scheduling. Storyheap offers unique insight in the performance of your story, and it can be used cross-platform, on Instagram and Snapchat. It gives you the power to easily upload and schedule your stories from the web, via a drag-and-drop features and selecting a time for posting. They also have an AI Algorithm or calculate the most effective time frames for posting. Recently they introduced a Storyheap studio, which will help you to create, edit and enhance your stories from a dashboard, to make your story pop, and grab the attention of the viewer. You can also view our detailed overview for Storyheap.

Onlypult – is an auto schedule tool for your posts. Onlypult was introduced back in 2014, and they have been mastering their craft ever since. It gives you the power to make and schedule posts directly from your Laptop or PC. A key concept of Onlypult is that it will publish the post for you, in contrast with other software that will just send you a push notification. They built their project to fully automate the release of the content once scheduled. One of the best practices for building great community on your account is planning your posts ahead and saving time. Build your posts in Onlypult, schedule them for the next week and watch your growth! You can also view our detailed overview for Onlypult.

Boostfy – is an auto like tool. It does the heavy lifting for you, and you won’t be required to go into the search bar and engage with users from your niche, Boostfy does this for you! This will actively increase your outreach and engagement, to result with followers and likes on your Instagram account. As you are aware, when someone likes a post of yours you see a notification, Boostfy utilizes this feature and likes posts on your behalf so more people see your account. To maximize the effectiveness of such tool, your input has to be nearly perfect. Boostfy will use your input to engage with relevant accounts from your niche, which will result in engaging, real community of followers that are interested in your content, all fully automatic. The parameters that you input are: hashtags, geo-location, users that your targets follow. For example if you want to target someone who is interested in self-improvement, chances are they use hashtags like #selfimprovement and follow a user like Tony Robbins. You will chose a geo-location that is relevant for you.

You can also view our detailed overview for Boostfy.


Staying in the race with your peers requires hours of grinding or automation of the grind. Utilize tools like Boostfy, Storyheap and Onlypult to “hack your growth” to a bigger, better and more profitable account. Regardless of the idea behind your account, whether you aim to use your account to sell, to promote affiliate offers or just becoming an Instagram Influencer you want to grow the account with more followers and to get more likes.


Boostfy is the best way to gain real followers and likes on Instagram.
It automates your liking activities and makes other Instagram users notice your account through notifications.


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