3 reasons to use instagram insights
3 Reasons to Use Instagram Insights

Instagram first appeared in 2010, and after Facebook acquired it in 2012 it started gaining more popularity and quickly grew to be one of the biggest and best marketing channels of today. As more online marketers started utilizing the platform, in 2016 Instagram offered a new feature – Business Profile. The Business profile is stacked with Instagram Insights about your audience, and will help you tailor your content to be more engaging and grow your Instagram account.

How to Create a Business Profile

Instagram’s Business Profile is free and offered to every Instagram User. You can set up your account easily and in a few simple steps:

  • Go to your Instagram profile
  • Open your options page
  • Near the end of the options page you will find a button to switch to a Business profile
  • Review the information on the new features
  • Connect to your Facebook page – At this point, you have to have a Facebook page to create a business profile. You need a Facebook page as a source of the billing information for your Business profile.
  • Enter your business information – address, email, contact telephone. This will be done automatically if you have it on your Facebook page.

Ultimately, if at some point you decide to switch back to a personal account, you can do that easy by following the same steps above, just tap on switch to Personal Profile.

What are the Benefits of Having a Business Account?

The core of the benefits of a Business Account is the access to utilize Instagram insight, your Instagram analytics and running promotions. These Instagram analytics will give you a better insight in how your followers behave. This will aid you in tailoring your content to attract your target audience. After you attract your target audience, and “warm” your audience you can do split test with different posts. Split testing is a way to get your pitch perfect, and see which strategies convert the most. Lastly, you can link directly to your Facebook Page. Some marketers see Instagram as a way to drive traffic to their funnel.

Instagram Insights Which are Available for you

After you create your Business profile, you will see a different layout of your Instagram Profile. All of your new posts will now have analytics like:


  • Impressions – How many times your ads were seen.
  • Profile Views – How many unique accounts have seen your Business profile.
  • Website Clicks – Number of clicks on you the links that you’ve in the description of your Business Profile.
  • Reach – Unique views of your posts, and stories.


  • Likes
  • Comments
  • Saved: How many unique accounts that saved your post


  • Profile Visits: How many people your profile was viewed through your post.
  • Follows: New followers from the post.
  • Website Clicks: Number of clicks(taps) on the links you included in the post


The discovery section is divided in two sections. Reach, how many users saw your post and you will also see the percentage of users who saw your post and are not following you.

What are the three reasons of using Instagram insights?

Business Profile comes stacked with feature, and while the Instagram insights might be the most powerful one, here a three key reasons why you should utilize Instagram insights.

Understand your audience – Key feature, that will “tell” you how your content engages with you audience. Instagram insights, along with Iconosquare will tell you how many followers you have gained and lost in a given time frame, and identify your top followers. This will create a direct link to your content, as you will understand if your content is suitable for your “perfect follower”.

Tracking Engagement – As your Instagram progress is mainly measured by engagement, rather than impressions, it is of vital importance to track your likes and comments. Creating more engaging content, results in more reach and thus increasing your audience.

Tracking GrowthInstagram growth is mainly measured via the number of followers, but as a general rule you want that following to engage with your content. Over a given time period you can visualize your growth curve, and see if you need to tweak your content and strategies.

In conclusion, creating a business profile is a great way to learn more about your audience, their behaviour, and ultimately your content. Instagram as a platform is a great place to find a new market, new clients or customers, and the business profile tools will help you in finding the sweet spot of your audience, and convert them from leads and cold audience to clients or customers.


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