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Best Apps to Make your Instagram Feed Great

Since the introduction of Instagram, it was designed as a platform that was intended for visual content. When Facebook acquired Instagram in 2012, they further developed the platform to host eye-catching, visual content like videos, photos and collages. With the growth of the platform to 500+ million users, the challenge to create content that stands out increased. Currently, Instagram upgrades the Story feature which is seen as the perfect place to “talk” to your prospective clients “face-to-face”. With all being said, you want your Instagram feed to look as professionally made as possible. Sometimes, we lack the skills, the equipment or both, to create stunning content. Luckily for us, we can utilize apps that will help us in creating that eye-popping content.

Different Types of Apps for a Great Instagram Feed

There are different ways you can improve your Instagram feed. You can utilize apps for:

  • Photo Edit, design, resize, collage
  • Video Edit, design, resize
  • Instagram Story apps

Best Apps for Photo Editing, Resizing and Collages

There are a host of apps that can be utilized to beautify your Instagram feed. You can utilize these apps to make your photos more engaging, more eye-catching and overall more beautiful photos.

  • BeFunky is a browser based photo editing tool. It is a simple app that will give you the ability to edit your photos, without purchasing an expensive software. It comes with a free version that can be used right there in the browser.
  • Snapseed is a powerful Photo Editor, right in your palm. It was developed by Google. It comes stocked with feature to create stunning imagery.
  • Layout from Instagram –  Is an app that will allow to create collages, resize them, model them and make them unique. This tool paired with a tool like Snapseed, or Instagram’s built in photo editor can create stunning collages.
  • Canva is a very popular among Facebook Ad creators and Instagram Marketers. It gives you a variety of templates to create the most engaging content possible. It will help you create content with built in CTAs, quotes and with stunning fonts.

Best Apps for Video Editing and Resizing

The variety of Instagram Video Apps found online is really overwhelming, and you can find yourself searching for the “perfect” app, without actually doing any work. Here is our choice of top Video editing apps out there:

  • Boomerang – The native Instagram “app” allows you to create GIFs that are, as the name suggests, moving forward and backward. They create a GIF out of a burst photos, and create eye-catching content.
  • InShot is a very powerful video editing software. It will allow you to use filters, borders, voice-over, basically a fully-fledged editor will take your Instagram Video to the next step.
  • Video Editor – Editing Studio – A top rated app to make your videos Instagram ready in a few taps. You can adjust brightness, contrast, exposure, add filters, add slow motion and much more.
  • Hyperlapse – Another native Instagram app. It will allow you to create time-lapse videos.

Best Apps for Instagram Stories

We have discussed the power of Instagram Stories [Hyperlink to the previous post on IG stories] before. It is of crucial importance to create an eye-catching story, because your posts might not reach 100% of your followers, but your story will reach 100% of your followers, every time you post one. Here are a couple of apps that we recommend for your Instagram Stories:

  • Over creates Instagram stories with awesome imagery, immense details, and a stunning finish. Stop users who are scrolling past stories, with mind-blowing story design.
  • Storeo for Instagram allows you to post a longer video as your story. Stories have a max length of 15 seconds on Instagram, however with Storeo you can upload longer stories. Storeo will chop the longer video in 15 second increments, and the viewer will feel like it is just one long video.


Creating eye-catching, engaging and fun content is of a vital importance for your Instagram success. Creating a beautiful Instagram feed will pave your way to more engaging follower, and thus gaining new followers and more likes on your posts. Utilize our list of apps for Instagram Photos, Instagram Videos and Instagram Stories to the fullest, and unleash the power of these apps today.


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