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Taking a Deep Look at Boostfy & Instagram

We worked on the statistics of our users with our development team and here are the some useful stats for you;


Most targeted “hashtags” by Boostfy users:

Most targeted “locations” by Boostfy users:

Most targeted “accounts” by Boostfy users:

Need inspiration for hashtags to target?

Words that 3.5M Instagram users’ have used on their bios

  • artist (180,940 users)
  • photographer (171,459 users)
  • love (132,777 users)
  • fashion (126,985 users)
  • travel (121,375 users)
  • design (115,053 users)
  • lifestyle (97,535 users)
  • fitness (83,647 users)
  • beauty (68,298 users)
  • blogger (67,643 users)
  • music (67,001 users)
  • makeup (58,756 users)
  • graphic (45,579 users)
  • wedding (44,716 users)
  • handmade (38,243 users)

What are 3.5M Instagram users’ posts about

  • outdoor
  • portrait
  • nature
  • travel
  • landscape
  • painting
  • architecture
  • tattoo
  • sunset
  • necklace

#win-win 😜
Boostfy is actually the best platform for Instagram Polls. If you all add #boostfy to your hashtag targeting, you will like posts which have #boostfy. Which means if you also add #boostfy to your posts on Instagram, some of other Boostfy users will like your post.


Most blacklisted hashtags

  • sex (593 users)
  • sexy (423 users)
  • pornovideo (339 users)
  • follow4follow (230 users)
  • nude (220 users)

Most blacklisted accounts

Some facts about Boostfy

  • We have more than 100,000 users from 189 different countries 🎉🎉
  • Our users gain an average of 93% more followers and 241% more likes with Boostfy 💪
  • Users who have used Boostfy for more than 90 days have gained half as manynew followers as their initial followers 🙊
  • 30% of Americans who have experienced the free trial have purchased a plan 💵
  • 70% of our paying customers have purchased another plan and continued their growth 💰

A funny fact about Instagram users: %40 of them can’t remember their passwords at their first try 😀


Boostfy is the best way to gain real followers and likes on Instagram.
It automates your liking activities and makes other Instagram users notice your account through notifications.


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