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Why Should Brands Use Automation Software on Instagram

Instagram Automation is not a new thing. It was popularized when Instagram became a marketing channel on its own. The first widely used tool was Instagress, but due to simplicity and spamming nature of Instagress, they were shut down. Since then, these tools became more complex, with more advanced algorithms. Instagram automation – liking, posting and stories, are vital for Instagram growth and, indeed Instagram Marketing.

Why Instagram Marketing and Automation is Important?

Instagram offers you the ability to reach 500+ million users. This alone is more than enough reason to utilize Instagram as a marketing platform. However, Instagram marketing and growth is not an easy task. It should be optimized and balanced for maximum results. Brands have been hiring VAs to handle Instagram tasks, but this costs them hundreds of dollars per month, and even per week. In addition, the time spent in micromanaging your social media channels, can and should be utilized in other directions.

As a response, to the time and money consuming micromanagement of the social media channels, digital marketers look for automation tools. There are a lot of automation tools out there, some of them are simple bots, who are basically spamming other users with your content, or more complex tools that are in line with the Terms of Service of social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, and Snapchat. These tools will help you cut down expenses and will significantly shorten the time needed to work on your social media.

Automated Instagram Growth

The main concept behind automation of Instagram Activities is saving money and time. Instead of having a couple of VAs to handle your Instagram Activities, and spend hundreds of dollars per month, you can get the same service with spending few dollars on an automation service. Automated growth is reached via:

  • Automated Targeted Liking – Targeted liking is important in the grand scheme of things due to the fact that, when you like somebody’s post they will get a notification, and they will see your profile. In a way, targeted liking puts you on the map of your targeted audience. You can target the users by accounts they follow or hashtags they use. However, it is very time consuming to search for a hashtags and then go and like posts with the hashtags, or go in the Followers lists of users, and check out other accounts and like their posts. A tool that will automate this process and help you with targeted liking is Boostfy. Boostfy’s power resides in their liking behavior, without leaving a comment. A lot of tools will also drop comments, and here you are risking a situation of dropping a comment: “Nice” on a photo of someone’s dog that recently passed away.
  • Post scheduling – Posting consistently will get you more loyal followers. Once you get some followers, and they consistently get new content from you and they engage with it, you will get a boost in new likes and new followers. As you are aware, you can see posts that are liked by people you are following. So, when you post consistently, and at the time of the day when your audience is the most active, you will get a “likes boost” and the chance for potential outreach to the followers of your likers. There are a lot of tools that will send you just a push notification that is time to post your content. However, a tool like Onlypult will post the content on your behalf. Onlypult is doing the heavy lifting for you. You can even schedule your content pre-vacation, and your profile will not suffer from inactivity, due to your automation tools – Boostfy and Onlypult. Boostfy will continue liking content and Onlypult posting the content that was premade.
  • Insta Story Automation Intagram Stories are very popular with marketers today. You can utilize the stories feature to talk “face-to-face” with your audience and remind them you have created new posts. Storyheap is a tool that gives you a dashboard where you upload and schedule your stories, and post them cross platform. They currently allow posting on Snapchat and Instagram, but soon they will give you access to cross post on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram and Snapchat.

A practice I have tried out is synching all of these services, where Boostfy likes content based on my instructions, on users that are fitting the profile of my “perfect follower”, Onlypult posts content, and Storyheap releases a story with a screenshot so my followers will be reminded that I have posted new content. I do this because the post, on itself may not reach 100% of my followers, but my story will for sure appear in the stories bar of my followers. Thus inviting my followers to check out my new post, increase the number of likes, and grow my account.


Social Media micromanagement includes activities like posting content, liking other user’s posts, auto posting stories. All of these are key concepts of Instagram growth. And as Instagram Marketing is becoming increasingly important, they become more and more time, resources and money consuming. The solution to these problems was found in automation. The tools that perfect the Instagram Automation are rare and are your best bet to continue growing organically. Please take a look at our suggestions, utilize them and we are looking forward to your feedback.


Boostfy is the best way to gain real followers and likes on Instagram.
It automates your liking activities and makes other Instagram users notice your account through notifications.


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