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The Most Common Instagram Mistakes

Instagram is one of the biggest marketing platforms on the market today. With more than 800 million users, and over 8 million business accounts. Chances are, you want to use Instagram as a channel to drive traffic to your eCom store, funnel or want to become an Instagram Influencer. Regardless of the niche, you are facing millions of other people that are your direct competition. In order to go that extra mile, you need to stop making these common mistakes with your Instagram Account.

Being Too “Salesy”

With the recent trends, we are being bombarded with sales post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter. People in general, hate to be sold to. Instead, use your social media channels, and in this case Instagram channel to find, and nurture relationship with your audience. If people trust you, they will trust in your product and eventually turn from a cold audience, to warm and funnel into a customer base. Avoid posting sales posts, and just spam your Instagram account with your products and Call to Action – CTAs.

Using Simple Bots

Stop using simple bots! It is dangerous and simple, spammy bots can harm your Instagram account. Instead, utilize complex growth-hacking tools that will help you organically grow your following and are not against the Terms of Service – ToS, of Instagram. Boostfy is one such tool, that can help you get bigger outreach and audience, and return with real followers, real likes and users that are genuinely interested in your content.

Instagram Bio Mistakes

One of the first things that users see when visit your Instagram account is your Instagram bio. It is important to keep your bio clean, utilize it to its maximum potential and tell people what kind of content they can expect. In addition, use simple and easy to remember username. Long usernames are a turnoff and people are less likely to follow an account that has a sentence as the Instagram handle.

Instagram Caption Mistakes

Instagram Caption is where you communicate with your audience. Do not be toxic and drive people away. Utilization of dots to hide your generic hashtags is a turnoff and is generally frowned upon. Don’t write stuff like “Follow Me” or “Follow @GenericUsername”. The caption is the place where you can deliver a crushing content with a CTA, to drive people through your funnel or invite them to your store. Do it in a subtle way, and keep up the high quality content. People that like your content will like and follow you right away.

Instagram Hashtag Mistakes

I remember back in 2010, when Instagram was introduced to the world, you could use as many hashtags as you wanted. But, Instagram limited the number of hashtags to thirty in order to avoid spamming. Utilize hashtags that are relevant to your niche and use hashtags that are targeted to your “perfect follower”. In addition, do not use broken or banned hashtags. This will get you shadowbanned and you will limit your growth.

Posting NOT Original Content

Reposting can be a quick way to get some quality content fast, especially when you are starting out on Instagram. But, if you do not credit the original creator of the content, you are just facing a possibility of a copyright breach, turning people away, because you are posting content from their favorite influencer and market it as your own. Thrive to post content that is created by you, tailored for your audience. Try to create high quality photos and make your captions stand out.


Posting high quality content on a regular basis is tough. But, regular posts keeps you on the map of your followers, keeps your engagement statistics up and high, and drives in new followers. In order to help you consistent, and post on a regular basis you can utilize a growth-hacking tool called Onlypult.


You are going to make mistakes in your Instagram career, but you should try and fix them as you grow and learn your craft. Take notes of our tips, work on improvement and the results will come. Tailor your content to the engagement habits of your following to maximize engagement, get fresh new audience on a daily basis and nurture these relationships by posting consistent, high quality content.


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