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Why You’re Getting Less Likes on Instagram Nowadays?

Instagram is an ever-changing platform, which is enjoyed by more than 500 million users around the world. Due to the growth of the platform, Facebook’s policies and optimization factors, Instagram changes their platform and algorithm almost on a daily basis. Recent changes have resulted in less likes for a lot of users. And the issue is that, Instagram relies on metrics like likes and followers to appraise our accounts. If the algorithm estimates the account to be valuable, it will show it to more people. If you are getting less likes on Instagram, in this article you will understand why, and how to solve this problem.

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Reasons of Why Are You Getting Less Likes on Instagram

The reasons you are getting likes on Instagram can be numerous. The main two reasons that you are getting less likes on your Instagram profile are Shadowban and the new sorting Algorithm of Instagram.

  • Shadowban – The only symptom of the shadowban is less reach, which results in less likes. Shadowban is directly associated with your hashtag utilization. Hashtags that are over used, and are utilized for follow exchange and like exchange (#follow4follow, #f4f, #l4l, #like4like etc.) are banned from Instagram, in their recent updates. This was done to filter out the content, and only show relevant content. However, it is important to understand that the Shadowban is strictly for posts. You can make three posts a day, out of which only one will be “shadowbanned”.
  • Change in Instagram’s Algorithm – The main change Instagram implemented is the sorting – Home feed is not chronological. This was adopted from Facebook’s algorithm, and it is done so you all of the posts of accounts that you interact with, and less content from users that you rarely, or never engage with. However, this can be seen as positive too, since our posts have longer “shelf – life”.
    • Now, Hashtags are used to bring impressions via their recent posts section, that’s why popular hashtags like #tbt or #love used to bring lots of impressions.
    • But because of the recent changes, hashtags are now bringing more impressions via their Top posts section.
    • To make it to the Top Posts section of a hashtag, your content must be relevant. Instagram checks posts using image processing to understand whether they are relevant to the hashtags used.
    • Direcon has trained over 1M hashtags and developed an algorithm that find relevant to photos and other hashtags.

Start your free trial for Direcon, find the best hashtags that drive the most impressions. Analyze the hashtags you want, try the most promising ones, see their performance and keep the working ones. Learn how to be placed in the Top Medias of specific hashtags.

How to Hit the Sweet Spot for New Instagram Likes

Getting new, fresh Instagram likes boost is not an easy task. But, as we cannot stop the growth, and changing of Instagram we have to find ways to stay on top of the pyramid. Here are 4 ways to save your Instagram account, and get new Instagram likes boost.

  • Quantity vs quality – In the past, Instagram was all about quality content, however the recent changes made this hard, as your content may be of high quality, but if it gets shadowbanned, you are doomed. The solution is to work with the algorithm, stay consistent on your posting, and put out more content. Here you can utilize help like planners and Instagram Scheduling [hyperlink to the previous article] to aid you in posting consistently.
  • Utilization of Software – Out there is a high quality software like Boostfy, which will help you gain fresh, new followers, and thus a boost in your Instagram likes. Illegitimate software like Instagress, are already shut down. Boostfy for an example, will help you get your content to be seen by more users, by getting you in their notification tab. You can target your “perfect followers”, Boostfy will like their posts, and as long as your content and account is appealing enough, you are bound to get more views, and thus more likes.
  • Hashtag sets – Do not rely on a single Hashtag Set. We have discussed the issue with hashtags here. It is important to utilize a mix of general and unique hashtags that are going to brand your content.
  • Utilize Instagram Stories – The fact is that people love Instagram Stories. It is more convenient to watch a few Instagram stories, than to scroll through your news feed. Utilize this feature to “tell” your followers that you have a new post. Make it appealing, and also you can schedule this synced with your scheduled posts.

Instagram will not stop changing. It is you how has to adapt to the new changes and work with the algorithm. The general tips to never stop growing your account are:

  • Genuine interactions, genuine relationships, genuine content.
  • Focus on content, and nurturing your audience
  • Think long-term, it is about getting loyal followers and building an audience.
  • Use smart hashtag sets – a balance between general, to get searchable content and unique to brand your content.
  • Use Instagram Stories to have a face-to-face interaction
  • Plan and schedule your content.

Thank you for reading, and check out our other articles for more useful tips to keep growing your community and Instagram account.


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