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Instagram ads vs. Facebook ads: Which are Better?

Marketers always try to find the perfect lead generation channel for their funnels. The constant search for new markets and new customers or clients inspires the marketers to explore new platforms and new ways to acquire customers or clients. With the rise of Facebook, and later on with the rise of Instagram ads, social media became the leading way to find new markets.

Then, the evergreen battle became popular: Facebook ads vs. Instagram ads. Due to differences between the two channels, both can be compared by mutually shared metrics. Even though, Facebook and Instagram are owned by the same company, their users have different behaviour on both platforms and this leads to creating different campaigns for Facebook and Instagram. In this article you will discover the key differences and learn the core of both advertising platforms, and how to effectively combine the two for higher ROI, more reach, and more customers.

Facebook Users vs. Instagram Users

Facebook is around much longer than Instagram and thus has more users at almost 2 billion active users per month, which is a third of the world population. Instagram has “only” 800 million active users per month. The numbers even though matter, the key differences between the two is the demographics. Age is one of the biggest differences between the two platforms, with Instagram’s users leading the race for the younger audience.

Advertising on Facebook

The core concept of Facebook ads is not targeting or finding the perfect customers, but rather how those users interact with your ads. About 80% of the users are either not interested in being fed with ads, or already follow the brands due to their interest. Furtherly, these users mostly ignore messages or ads from brands that they even like. This is especially a case with the millennials who are “trained” to ignore ads and skip over them. A lot more aspect, have to be taken into consideration, like, publishing too often, overfeeding with ads can all result in burnout. In addition, around 80-90% of the daily activity on Facebook is done on a mobile. This is why most of the advertising on Facebook is optimized for mobile users.

Advertising on Instagram

The core concept of Instagram’s advertising is targeting millennials. They are the key demographics of Instagram, and they are most suited for the visual content presented on Instagram. Even though, this may turn away some brands due to the low power of millennials to spend money online, according to Instagram, 75% of users respond to a CTA (Call-to-action). All of this combined makes Instagram the perfect channel to represent your product or service.

Combining Instagram ads and Facebook ads.

Advertising on Facebook and Instagram is very different, however, this doesn’t mean you can’t combine the two. A simple funnel is creating a Facebook campaign, and retargeting on Instagram. Most of the users which aren’t converting on Facebook are likely to convert on Instagram. Another way to combine the two is to engage on Instagram and take them to your Facebook Page for likes. This will increase your relevance and the trust between your brand and the new leads.

This article has shown you a brief account of the differences and similarities of Facebook and Instagram ads. You have also seen two funnels you can use to take the power of both. But the question remains: which one should you choose?
At the end of the day, it depends on what you are looking for. If you are targeting older people and you want a full-funnel marketing channel, Facebook ads is your best bet. If you are targeting a young audience focused on brand engagement and conversions, Instagram ads is your obvious choice.

Pick the one that fits your needs, and get started.


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