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Tools for Creating a Cool Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, for a jaw-dropping $1 billion. Since then, Instagram grew to be one of the best piece of business conducted by Facebook to date. Due to the increased popularity, millions of users, and easy to use platform, Instagram grew to become one of the most used marketing campaign platform today. Additional boost, Instagram received with the introduction of the feature called “shoppable photos”. However, with flooding the platform with 500+ million users, and every business out there, it is hard to get noticed in the crowd. This is where Instagram Influencers come into play.

What is an Instagram Influencer?

In a nutshell, Instagram Influencer is a user who has a lot of real followers on Instagram. However, it is not really that simple. Influencers have worked months, some even years to achieve the “Influencer” status. They have gained huge following, in the range of 100k+ and some with 1m+ followers. With the increased competition for views and being noticed on Instagram, shoutouts became a popular service. Influencers use their position as an authoritative user, with a lot of followers to basically “sell” a post to a certain user, or a business. Instagram Influencers have mastered their craft, and they know their audience, so when presenting your post to an Influencer make sure to talk to them about your product, so you get a bigger ROI (Return On Investment).

How Instagram Marketing Campaign Works?

There are several ways you can run a marketing campaign on Instagram:

As I previously stated, Instagram Influencers are basically selling a post for your business on their profile and thus “offering” you their huge followers. There are several benefits of getting a “shoutout” from an influencer, like new followers, new viewers, more reach, and potential clients or customers. When agreeing a fee with the Influencer you can talk to them directly, and agree the number of the posts, the content of the post, the fee, etc.

Running a marketing campaign through an Influencer is not really different than running an ad in the news feed or in the stories. You will gain new followers, get new likes and more traffic to your account. The idea behind utilizing an Influencer is that they have a pretty niched following, and they tailor their content to their following for greater engagement, thus growing their accounts even further. So, you basically are marketing your content or product to already targeted audience, which you know is interested in your product. Additionally, when your content comes from someone who already has the trust of the audience, will resonate better with the users and result in more sales. Thus, yielding greater ROI.

Which tools can help you find an Instagram Influencer or create your own marketing campaign?

If you have decided to utilize an Influencer, but you have no idea where to find them, where to see in which niche they are, and how to connect with them. We are suggesting Famebit as one of the tools that will help you meet with the perfect Influencer for your brand. In addition, we have Woobox, a tool that will help you design your own campaign.


Famebit is a free to join platform, where brands meet influencers. Their creator team is mostly concentrated on the youngsters, and their campaigns, regardless of the niche, are mostly fun, colorful and energized. With the huge base of Creators, you will find a few Instagram influencers with a couple of clicks.


Woobox is a diverse platform which you can use for Instagram, Facebook, e-Mail Marketing, e-Commerce, Lead Generation, Local Businesses etc. They have a base of 4 million brands that are using their services. It is an easy way to create your perfect campaign, and is fairly inexpensive. You can integrate several social media channels for your campaigns and Woobox will collect data for each platform separately. This will tell you where you need to improve, without wasting time on split testing.


Instagram Marketing is growing daily. If you are to keep up with your competition, you need to utilize most of the channels out there for finding new customers/clients or nourishing existent ones. When it comes to Instagram, you can take two diverse paths. Creating your own campaign and running a promotion, or leaving your content to an influencer who will run the campaign on his/hers account with a targeted audience.


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