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How Brands Should Use Instagram Stories

Instagram stories changed the way how you interact with your followers on Instagram. The feature isn’t new but it gained traction very quickly. It is one of the most famous features on Instagram with over 300 million daily users.

So why you should spend time (and resources) on content that will only stay active for 24 hours?

Because it boosts engagement. Instagram reported that stories encourage their users to spend more time on their network and visit more frequently.

People love Instagram stories because it is fun and less formal way to engage with their friends and brands they follow. According to a study by Klear, 45% of brands use Instagram stories at least once per week. Some of the big brands like IBM, McDonald’s, and others are using Instagram stories to connect with their customers.


If you haven’t started using Instagram stories, you should because this is what everyone else is doing out there. Here is how you can use it to promote your brand and engage with your followers.

Be Creative on your Instagram Stories

Your Instagram story is more than a social post. It has to be epic. Think out-of-the-box for every story you publish.

This is what matters. It isn’t all about publishing a new story every 24 hours.

Consider, for example, NASA. It uses stories to share behind the scenes footage with its followers. That’s some really cool stuff that you won’t find anywhere else.

brands story

Instagram stories is all about telling ‘stories’ not promoting your products. A study by HootSuite revealed that real life content converts better than animation for Instagram stories.

Whatever you do, be creative and stand out from the crowd and think of your followers.

Anything ordinary won’t help much.

Use Right Hashtags on your Stories

Being creative doesn’t mean you don’t have to talk about your business. That’s where tags come in.

Using hashtags for stories isn’t a good idea instead locations tags are what works best. Using someone else’s hashtag will send viewers to their posts. If you own a hashtag or if you have created a new hashtag based on your marketing campaign, it will work great because viewers of your story will see all the posts related to your hashtag.

So the first rule is: Only use your own hashtags on your stories.

Second rule: Use appropriate location tags to increase Instagram story views. Tag your location so that relevant people can find you and interact with your brand.

Here is an example of how Nike is using its own hashtags strategically.

brands story 2

Use Links to Convert your Visitors

It is challenging to send traffic directly to your website or a landing page from Instagram. You have to direct followers to your bio. Thanks to Instagram stories. You can link to your landing pages easily.

If you aren’t sure how to add a link to Instagram story, well it is simple. All you have to do is use Instagram’s swipe up feature that lets viewers visit links.

Here is an example of how it looks.

brands story 3

If you run an e-commerce store, you can link to your product page from your Instagram story. This is one feature that makes Instagram stories better than Snapchat.

Use Right Tools

There is an app for everything. Instagram is no different. An appropriate app can transform a dull story into an engaging digital story that viewers cannot resist interacting with.

There are tons of apps out there that can supercharge your story. You have to handpick the best ones. Here are a few leading apps that you should try before posting your next Instagram story.

  • PicPlayPost will help you combine videos and photos to create an exciting collage.
  • Videoshop helps you edit videos on your smartphone professionally.
  • InShot is your best bet that will convert any video into vertical 9:16 ratio so that it works perfectly on Instagram.


Instagram stories is a great way to interact with your audience at potentially no additional cost. Instagrammers love stories. You should love this amazing feature too as it can help you grow your brand exponentially.





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