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How to Use Instagram Story Highlights

Instagram Stories are a chance for a face-to-face communication with your followers, however, users often are not happy that it only lasts for 24 hours. This challenged users to repurpose story content, and add it to their accounts as videos. Finally, Instagram came up with a solution when they added the Instagram story highlights. It gives you the opportunity to combine more than one Instagram story into a long-term content found on your profile. Your audience can always go to your profile and check out your highlights. Read on to find out how to utilize the story highlights and how to create them.

Creation of an Instagram Story Highlights

Creating an album of Instagram stories is an easy step-by-step process. Follow these instructions and you will be ready to start saving your Instagram story content long-term.

  • Create an Instagram highlights Album – The feature first appeared back in December, and by now most of the users should have it. If you have the feature, you will notice a story highlights section beneath the bio on your Instagram profile. If you haven’t created any highlights so far the circles will be gray.
  • Add a highlight from your profile – Tapping on the “plus” sign will prompt an archive with your earlier stories allowing you to create an album from previous stories. With the adding of the Highlights, all of your stories will be archived by default. You can change this setting from your Instagram Profile Settings.
  • Adding a highlight from an active story – You can add a highlight from an active story by opening the story and tapping on the highlight icon. You can add this new highlight to previous Highlight albums or to a new album.
    Naming the highlight – The name may be 16 characters long, however, the spacing is small and often you will find your name cut off with “…” due to this reason, make sure that the name of the album is short and simple.
  • Changing the cover – You can change the cover of the album. By default, this is the first image you upload to the album, however you have the option to edit this cover by tapping Edit Cover, and then drag, zoom, and reposition your cover image.
  • Adding new content and deleting – You can always add more archived stories to your highlight album or remove old ones. By selecting the highlight, and tapping on the three-dot more icon, then tapping edit Highlight will open the archived stories from which you can choose from. These archived stories are private to you only. You can share them by adding them to your highlights. Removing a video from the highlight is straightforward. You just need to select the video, tap on more and just tap Remove from Highlight.

Tips on How to Use Story Highlightst

  • Create highlights specifically for tips or tutorials to establish your credibility and build trust in your brand.
  • Share behind-the-scenes or personal stories in a highlight to humanize your brand.
  • Set up a highlight for a specific event or occasion.
  • Create a unique highlight for each of your products or services to showcase features or functions.
  • Add a news or update highlight to share valuable information in your industry.
  • Collect topics of interest that your audience enjoys, such as motivational posts, weekly themed content, and so on.

There are always different ways to utilize a feature on a platform like Instagram. It is a good practice to utilize the tools at your disposal and make sure that your content stays up for 24hours. Add your best performing stories to albums, keep them long term, add niche stories, the possibilities are endless.


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