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The New Instagram Algorithm: Everything you need to know

Back on March 22nd, Instagram announced that they are making major changes to the Instagram algorithm. This change is made to accommodate the requests of the users.

A few months ago, Instagram was testing the New Posts button to let users have an option for sorting their feed in chronological order. But then, according to TechCrunch; Instagram does not want to add more complexity to the app because users can forget which sorting option they’ve set.

Until now, Instagram algorithm was a myth and everyone has opinions on that. Surely, this lets all users having a confusion.

Eventually, Instagram Product Lead – Julian Gutman decided to tell everyone how does the Instagram algorithm work.

How Does the Instagram Algorithm Work?

Instagram relies on machine learning based on your interests and your behaviour. So they creates a unique feed for everyone – even if you follow exactly the same people with your friend you can display different feeds. This is all about how you interact with those accounts. Instagram’s main purpose is displaying the most important posts on the top for everyone.

Instagram algorithm is using 3 main factors of determine which accounts or posts are more important for you;

1. Interest

A prediction of how much you’ll care about a post. This determined by past behavior on similar content and potentially machine vision analyzing the actual content of the post. This is the first reason to you don’t see the most recent post on the top of your feed. Instagram shows the post that you most probably interact with.

2. Recency

An answer to how long ago this photo/video was shared? The new algorithm lets you see more recent photos on your feed. I hope you see less posts from over a week ago.

3. Relationship

How close are you with the account who shared the post? How do you know this person?

Relationship factor will have a higher ranking for people if you’ve interact a lot in the past such as by commenting on their photos or being tagged in their posts. If this factor is high, Instagram will probably sets you into family and friends category.

So, commenting on their posts and being tagged together will provide a higher priority.


Beyond these 3 main factors, the new algorithm have other factors that affect the priority;


How often do you open Instagram app? This is also an important factor to sorting algorithm because Instagram are trying to show you the best posts since your last visit.

So, if you’re a frequent Instagram user your feed can be more like in a chronological order.


How many accounts do you follow on Instagram? If you follow a lot account, Instagram has wide options to choose from, so that you can’t see all of the posts from everyone.

If you don’t think your feed shows the persons you want to see, you can decrease your following count or mute some of the accounts you don’t want to see everyday.


How long do you spend on Instagram? It determines that; if you’re just seeing the “best posts” according to the algorithm in your short sessions or “digging deeper into its catalog


Instagram’s teams have also responded to most common questions and theories about their algorithm;

  • They’re not considering to have an option to display feed in a chronological order. They just don’t want to add more complexity to the app.
  • They’re not hiding any post in the feed. If you keep scrolling, you can see all recent posts from your following list.
  • Feed ranking and sorting priorities do not change among the post types (photo, video, carousel post). Likewise, they do not favor users who use Stories, Live or othe special features of Instagram.
  • Switching your personal account to business account can not help on increasing your reach.


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