content strategy for non physical products
Content Strategy for Non-Physical Products on Instagram

With more than 8 million business accounts, Instagram is one of the most utilized and engaging marketing channels of today. The niches marketed on Instagram vary, and I am yet to see a niche that is not marketed on the platform. Brands can easily market their stuff if they have a physical product, a product that is visible and you can simply take photos of the product(s) and post on Instagram as regular or shoppable posts. But, the issue arises when you have a product that is not physically touchable or visible. In this case; which content will be the best to share with your followers?

Best Content to Share If your Product is Not Visible

Out there are thousands of products on Instagram that are not physically available. Most of these products are so called “digital products”, coaching or are a service. Marketing comes easy if you can simply take a picture of your product and post it on Instagram. However, having a digital product or a service is not necessarily harder to market. By utilization of tools like Canva, you can easily create content around your product or service and drive targeted traffic to your funnel or website.

The best strategy when marketing a product that is not physically available is to divide your content into categories:

  • Lead magnets – Utilize PDFs, freebies and giveaways to get in touch with people that are interested in your offer. Regardless if you are offering an app, a service or a digital product you always need an audience to market your offer. Lead magnets will get you a warm audience that is interested in your offer.
  • Infographics – Tell your audience what your product is all about. Instagram is not necessarily a platform that you can only share photos that were taken by a camera. Use your team to create infographics with Photoshop, or make it yourself with Canva. This will get your audience hooked with your content, and it will help you build trust.
  • Reposts – Following already established users in your niche is always a good idea. And when you are starting out, these users can be a source of high quality content for you. Of course, you need to make sure that your reposts will credit the original creator of the post. In addition, this can help you get noticed by influential users in your niche and if your content is good enough you might even get a shoutout.
  • Testimonials – Post short videos or screenshots of testimonials. Especially when you are starting out, testimonials are essential to build trust with your audience. Once you help a few people out, and they give you a testimonial for your work, post it on your Instagram account, utilize a targeted hashtags and see the results.

Posting a creative, high quality content however, is not enough on its own. You need to get noticed by users and followers that are interested in your niche, and thus your product. Here you can utilize a growth-hacking tool like Boostfy to make the outreach for you. It will do so by liking related content that contains your targeted hashtags.


People that don’t have physical products are often reluctant to utilize Instagram to market their service or digital product. However, Instagram sure is one of the greatest marketing channels out there and it indeed, should be used as a marketing channel for your service or digital product. You can always create fun content around something that is not physically available, but is of a high quality. By creating good lead magnets to gather an audience around your product, and nurturing this relationship with infographics, testimonials and explanatory content you can convert them to customers with ease.


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