instagram marketing campaign

Tools for Creating a Cool Marketing Campaign on Instagram

Facebook bought Instagram in 2012, for a jaw-dropping $1 billion. Since then, Instagram grew to be one of the best piece of business conducted by Facebook to date. Due to the increased popularity, millions of ...

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instagram automation

Why Should Brands Use Automation Software on Instagram

Instagram Automation is not a new thing. It was popularized when Instagram became a marketing channel on its own. The first widely used tool was Instagress, but due to simplicity and spamming nature of Instagress, ...

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time saving instagram tool

8 Best Time-Saving Instagram Tools

Needless to mention, Instagram is one of the best spots for your company today. In fact, individuals and businesses looking to get more likes on Instagram can easily create an account on the leading social ...

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content strategy for non physical products

Content Strategy for Non-Physical Products on Instagram

With more than 8 million business accounts, Instagram is one of the most utilized and engaging marketing channels of today. The niches marketed on Instagram vary, and I am yet to see a niche that ...

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instagram mistakes

The Most Common Instagram Mistakes

Instagram is one of the biggest marketing platforms on the market today. With more than 800 million users, and over 8 million business accounts. Chances are, you want to use Instagram as a channel to ...

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instagram stories

The Power of Instagram Stories and Story Campaigns

Instagram Stories are a goldmine! Currently, Instagram is the hottest social media network out there, and it offers you the potential to reach millions of people and the unique ability to talk to them face-to-face ...

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What is Instagram Shadowban and How to Avoid?

Shadowban has been around long before Instagram. However, it got popularized by Twitter in 2006, as a way to ban “toxic” behaviour. Shadowbans on Instagram come as, indeed shadows, and we can’t really be sure ...

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Instagram Hashtag Tips for Getting a Better Engagement

Instagram is one of the hottest marketing channel today. Regardless whether you want to use a business Instagram Profile to drive traffic to your funnel, website, e-com store or a personal Instagram profile to get ...

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