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5 Tips for Getting Huge Instagram Growth

Instagram is one of the most popular social media websites that is increasingly being used for effective marketing as well as networking purpose. Businesses, no matter what their scale and size, have come to realize the power of Instagram when it comes to engaging audiences and promoting their brands. Hence, if you’re looking to take advantage of the social networking website and get more likes on Instagram, then continue reading further.

Create Your Brand’s Story

Use your Instagram profile as well as aesthetics to create your brand’s story consistently. This would help you in converting visitors into permanent followers. Remember, an increasing number of people are using Instagram to explore fresh and exciting brands and if you intend to generate more likes for Instagram, then treat your profile as a homepage and include visuals and content that is appealing and eye-catching in every sense. Businesses and individuals who choose to convey their brand’s story through Instagram must leave an indelible impression upon their users and followers, even as they go about promoting their products, services and company.

Use Hashtags Creatively

Wondering how to get more followers on Instagram? Well, it’s quite simple! Use hashtags creatively every time you put a caption on your pictures. No matter what you must avoid using the commonly used hashtags. Instead, you must include hashtags that convey your own story. Also, include fun, irony or anything interesting when it comes to creating hashtags.

Connect with Other Accounts

Another good strategy for gaining Instagram followers and likes is to connect your Instagram account with Facebook or other social networking accounts. This method can work wonders for you in terms of increasing the number of followers since many people who use Facebook and other social media platforms also have an Instagram account. Hence, every time you upload a new picture, discount or sneak-peak on Instagram or other social media websites, you’ll automatically gain their attention.

Follow others and Send them Likes

Businesses and individuals searching for quick and easy ways to get likes on Instagram can also consider following other people on the social networking site. This technique also proves helpful in gaining more followers. When you follow unknown people on Instagram, there’s a very good chance that they’ll also start following you.

Create Unique Content

Real followers on Instagram don’t come easy. You need to create a plan to gain their attention and encourage their participation then create meaningful and exciting content. This means you need to create a unique style of your own and upload fascinating visuals and attractive content to get instant recognition. Remember, the key here is to stand out and not follow suit. It’s equally important that you share pictures that are relatable. People are always interested in original, unique and personal pictures and by uploading such images you automatically generate curiosity among them and get more likes and following. If required, you can also host unique contests to gain Instagram followers. This tactic works well on social media networking sites. Businesses can easily create simple contests on Instagram and announce an exciting prize for the winners. However, make sure that you attach a hashtag for your contents so that users are able to find it easily.

Apart from this, don’t forget to time your posts to gain more likes and followers. Even though, you may have uploaded the best photograph on Instagram but if you fail to time it appropriately, you’ll end up losing your share of likes as well as followers.

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